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Ace Your Front End Technical Screen with HTML, CSS, & JavaScript

100 Front End Interview Questions Challenge Description

By the end of the course you’ll be able to pass a front end technical screen covering the fundamentals of front end web development HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We also will dive into interview prep, cultural questions, and general HR¬†screening questions.

As a front end engineer working at a major tech company I’m always happy to help others understand the fundamentals of Front End Engineering. By understanding the main core concepts bit only will be become better engineers but we will interview better increasing our career prospects significantly.

Although, the majority of the course is on technical subjects we will cover crucial business topics as well. Engineering is one part technical and one part soft / business skills at the end of the day.

Each question will include 3 main items:

  1. Insight into why a question is asked and what an interviewer is looking for

  2. How to answer the question

  3. If applicable, code examples with additional detail to fully understand the material

The course syllabus was designed alongside multiple front end developers with over 30 years of combined experience with varied backgrounds from self-taught to traditional CS degree routes. I think it’s important to mention this as you will be working with engineers of all backgrounds but the combination of what is important remains true across the spectrum.

What you’ll learn in 100 Front End Interview Questions Challenge

Requirements for 100 Front End Interview Questions Challenge

Eager to land a front end development job

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