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How to architect big data solutions by assembling various big data technologies – modules and best practices

Architecting Big Data Solutions Description

The Big Data phenomenon is sweeping across the IT landscape. New technologies are born, new ways of analyzing data are created and new business revenue streams are discovered every day. If you are in the IT field, Big data should already be impacting you in some way. 

Building Big Data solutions is radically different from how traditional software solutions were built. You cannot take what you learnt in the traditional data solutions world and apply them verbatim to Big Data solutions. You need to understand the unique problem characteristics that drive Big Data and also become familiar with the unending technology options available to solve them.

This course will show you how Big Data solutions are built by stitching together big data technologies. It explains the modules in a Big Data pipeline, options available for each module and the Advantages, short comings and use cases for each option.

This course is great interview preparation resource for Big Data ! Any one – fresher or experienced should take this course.

Note: This is a theory course. There is no source code/ programming included.

What you’ll learn in Architecting Big Data Solutions

  • Understand the differences between Traditional and Big Data Solutions
  • Breakdown a Big Data solution into its modules
  • Look at Technology options for each module
  • Learn the advantages, short comings and use cases for each technology option
  • Architect multiple real life use cases

Requirements for Architecting Big Data Solutions

Familiarity with programming and IT in general

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