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Learn how to use AWS with C#/.NET and using AWSSDK.NET

AWS For C#/.NET Developers Description

Hello and welcome to this course. This course aim is to help you to learn how to use AWS with C#/.NET applications where you can use the AWS provided services via AWSSDK for .NET.

This course will starts with the basics, from installing the VS toolkit extension on visual studio. Then it will show you how to add authentication to your applications so you can communicate with AWS cloud services. Working with AWS is quite fun and easy so don’t worry about any complexity while working with AWSSDK.

After that, we will start working with the well known and most popular AWS service which is the Simple Storage Service aka S3. It allows you to store files in the cloud and access them anywhere in the world. What is unique with the S3 is that it’s cost and reliability is quite good.

With S3 you can create a bucket which can contains different files and folders where you can store them and access them. There is different storage classes and different price for each. But no matter what is cost is quite cheap.

Then we will move next to Glacier, which is the archiving services that is provided from AWS. With glacier you can archive data that you don’t frequently access and keep them safe in the cloud for later use.

Then, we will move toward the SQS service which can be used to queue messages and get the messages from the queue. SQS is like other queueing you can subscribe and publish to the queue to receive data that you need.

With SNS, you can distribute notifications to different mediums such as emails, application, mobile apps and emails and other sources as well. This will simplify your notification management and make you send notifications to the different sources without hustles.

DynamoDB is the cloud database from AWS where you can store data and receive it inside noSQL Database. With DynamoDB you can store and update data, add indexes to help you search faster for data in the table.

What you’ll learn in AWS For C#/.NET Developers

Requirements for AWS For C#/.NET Developers

Visual Studio 2017 or later

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