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Blogging using WordPress

Blog Creation using WordPress Description

Course Description

WordPress is a free open source blogging tool and content management system. WordPress can be used to create a traditional blogging site; however, it can also be used to create a standard website for business or personal use. This course focuses on creating websites using WordPress. No previous experience is needed. This course is structured in a way to help all students, regardless of their experience, learn WordPress.

Learning Outcome – You will learn how to :

  • Search for themes in WordPress

  • Select, install, and activate a theme

  • Add posts to their website

  • Create website pages

  • Add images, photo galleries, and more

  • Create tags for SEO and categories to organize their posts

  • Use WordPress as a content management system (CMS)

  • Use widgets and plugins

  • Create an eCommerce site

  • Integrate WordPress with social media

  • Customize a WordPress site using PHP, and CSS

Course Requirements

  • You should have a high school reading level and be competent in basic computer

Course Topics

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to WordPress

  • Lesson 2: Finding a Home for your WordPress Site

  • Lesson 3: Installing WordPress on Your Site

  • Lesson 4: Content Management using WordPress

  • Lesson 5: Selecting the Right Tools

  • Lesson 6: Image Formats

  • Lesson 7: Fonts and Colors

  • Lesson 8: Designing Your WordPress Site

  • Lesson 9: The WordPress Default Layout

  • Lesson 10: Themes and Templates

  • Lesson 11: More on Widgets and Template Tags

  • Lesson 12: Parent and Child Themes

  • Lesson 13: Creating a Custom Site

  • Lesson 14: Using WordPress as a Content Management System

  • Lesson 15: Using WordPress Plugins

Course Duration and Mode

  • 2 Hours, Online

What you’ll learn in Blog Creation using WordPress

  • The Students will learn how to create blog using wordpress

Requirements for Blog Creation using WordPress

as such basics of internet is all what the students required to know

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