Free download and Learn Bootstrap Bootcamp (featuring Bootstrap 5) Udemy course with Torrent and google drive download link
Get a solid foothold of Bootstrap 5 by building a portfolio-based website in HTML/CSS

Bootstrap Bootcamp (featuring Bootstrap 5) Description

Design. Build. Deploy. Quickly.

In the Bootstrap Bootcamp course, you’ll build you’re own portfolio, utilizing the tools provided in Bootstrap. We’ll leverage the responsive power of bootstrap to make your website look perfect on any device—from the biggest desktop to an old iPhone 6.

We’ll design a portfolio that not only functions, but looks gorgeous. Display your artwork, hobbies or other crafts in this visual portfolio. We’ll build from the ground up, step by step.

Websites shouldn’t just live on your computer. They should be seen by the entire world. That’s why I make sure to show you how to upload / deploy your work out there for everyone to see. And connect a domain name to it as well.

We will cover how to use the following in this course:

** BONUS **

I’ll also walk you through how to setup a working form through Netlify. You’ll learn how to create a success page as well, so your entries will pass through properly. We will setup the form using Bootstrap 5’s form design.

I wanted this course to be concise, so you can quickly grasp the power of Bootstrap 5 and be on your way. I’m so excited to showcase the awesome power of Bootstrap 5.

What you’ll learn in Bootstrap Bootcamp (featuring Bootstrap 5)

Requirements for Bootstrap Bootcamp (featuring Bootstrap 5)

Nope. Start from complete scratch

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