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How to use WordPress 5 and Twenty Nineteen (2019) theme to build a business website

Build A Website – WordPress 5 + Twenty Nineteen Theme 2019 Description

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Welcome to Build A Website – WordPress 5 + Twenty Nineteen Theme WordPress 2019 course.

What will you learn with this course? We’ll learn how to build a website that uses WordPress 5 (with the updated video using WordPress 5.2, the latest version) and its default theme Twenty Nineteen theme. Since the version 5.0, WordPress has new block-based editor that is also called Gutenberg editor in WordPress community. In this WordPress 5 course, you will learn how to build a business website using the free clean Twenty Nineteen theme.

So what will we learn with this course?

1. Have a HTTPS version of business WordPress website. A web host that offers free SSL certificate can be affordable too, and this course shows you exactly that. I will show you how to setup your website on HTTPS properly. I mentioned properly, because we will do it step by step without using a plugin. Plugins to setup HTTPS, will mostly make your website loads slower due to redirections. Google, the biggest Search Engine even suggests every webmasters to minimize redirections. This course is to build a website, if from the start, we already do “redirection” then how slow our website will load if we later on adding third-party components in our website, like advertisement links, banners, scripts, and plugins? Meanwhile, solving this issue is extremely easy from the start, we will learn this step by step.
2. Have a mobile-friendly clean business website
3. Intensive practices using the new block-based editor of WordPress 5.0
4. WordPress 5.0 new block-based editor tips and tricks or shortcuts.
5.  Have a business-oriented homepage with “Welcome” section, call-to-action button with nice scrolling effect to the user’s submission form as well as show off your photos or projects and services straight in your homepage for direct and fast access for your potential client.

There is more..I will show you how to use different blocks to build your website’s layouts, so you can choose which appearance you want to have with WordPress 5 block editor More and more practices and tips to use Gutenberg editor.

Then I will also show you;

6. How to connect to your server using Secure FTP step by step so that you will be able to access your WordPress files from your server in your local computer in secure connection.
7. How to create Twenty Nineteen child theme and modify the footer text dynamically. (Ready-to-download child theme is available for the non-techies!)
8. Discover my personal tips to secure my WordPress admin dashboard.

At the end of the course, you will have a solid business website with beautiful layouts, and easy to maintenance. You can also check out this course, every time you build a WordPress website.

Get the Lifetime-access  now!

You will need a budget to get your domain name and a web host plan for this. With 1 cent (USD) you can get one-month web hosting plan to try out to setup a website using this course.

I have already a website? If you have already a website, you can still uses this course to practice the new block-based editor since I also will give you details steps to use the block editor.

I had fun times to create this course, and I will have fun to guide you through exploring the new feature of WordPress 5 in this course. See you inside the course!

What you’ll learn in Build A Website – WordPress 5 + Twenty Nineteen Theme 2019

Requirements for Build A Website – WordPress 5 + Twenty Nineteen Theme 2019

Have an Internet connection

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