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C# Interview Questions and Answers tutorial

C# Interview Questions with Answers Description

What you’ll learn in C# Interview Questions with Answers

  • Understanding what kind of Fundamental questions are asked in C# and .NET interviews and how clear the same.
  • Answering fundamental C# questions around .NET core vs .NET framework vs .NET 5.0 , IL code , JIT,CTS,CLS,CLR, Managed , Unmanaged code and Garbage collector.
  • How to confidently answer questions around stack , heap , value types, reference types ,boxing , unboxing , implicit casting and explicit casting.
  • Threading and collections are favorites in C# interviews. A complete section dedicated to answer questions like array,arraylist,array vs arraylist and generics.
  • No C# interview is complete with out a question on delegates and events. A full section dedicated to delegates and events and how to answer their differences
  • Dedicated OOP Interview section covering Classes , Objects , Polymorphism , Inheritance , virtual methods,overloading ,overriding ,abstract class vs interfaces
  • How to handle tricky questions around Shadowing, Sealed classes, Nested classes and partial classes.

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