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Cloud Computing Concepts Description

With technological advancements, cloud computing is becoming standard and mainstream in IT world. Companies of all sizes are looking to transform existing traditional IT services to “Cloud”. The market for Cloud Computing services is exploding and the demand for developers with Cloud Computing skills continues to grow. 

This course helps you to understand the much needed concepts of the Cloud Computing. We have clearly explained how Traditional IT environment works and how Cloud Computing differs from it. You will understand the various models of Cloud Computing, the leading Cloud Computing platforms, comparisons between the platforms. We have also dedicated a chapter with information on various certification paths and learning resources for Cloud Computing. As a bonus we have explained various considerations that needs to be taken into account before or while moving to a Cloud platform.

Updated the learning paths section with latest certification information for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

Added a new chapter with topics like Heroku, OpenShift and Cloud Native Development.

What you’ll learn in Cloud Computing Concepts

  • Fundamentals of Cloud Computing and types of cloud like private, public, hybrid.
  • Various models of Cloud Computing like SaaS, PaaS, IaaS.
  • Overview of important cloud platforms like AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.
  • Considerations for moving application from traditional IT to Cloud.
  • Various learning paths available for cloud technology along with resources.
  • Explanation of cloud concepts like OpenShift, Cloud Native Development.
  • Important information in form of small quizzes.

Requirements for Cloud Computing Concepts

This course is designed for beginners and intermediate levels.

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