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How I closed 9,000 in sales in 2 weeks.How to systemize structure and scale your sales for a web developer / company

Complete guide to increasing sales for web developers Description

This course shows you how to increase sales for your web development business. It covers quick hacks, to long-term strategies to boost your income and to make more income from every single transaction you make.

What you’ll learn:

  1. How to find anyone’s email address – all the free tools you’ll ever need
  2. How to send cold emails that gets a response – several templates , just choose the one that suits you, from quick-fire, to personalised videos
  3. The most profitable, simple email you will ever send – And it’s so simple, an 8 year old could write it
  4. How to offer extra services to your clients -and get recurring income for very little work
  5. How to easily generate leads from your website -and how to convert them into buyers– 3 options to choose from
  6. The 80/20 on cold calling -the one trick you’ll learn in 3 minutes that 10 x your chance of getting past a gatekeeper
  7. How to structure your pricing -To ensure you pick up more work
  8. How to smash sales on elance and odesk -The tricks I’ve taught others to bring in $9k of work in 2 weeks
  9. How to keep selling to your clients, even though you have sent out a proposal-Ensuring you stand out whilst add value, increasing your likelihood of getting work
  10. How to send a letter that stands out amongst other post they receive that YEAR.-Direct mail on Steroids
  11. SCRIPTS and templates: -Direct Mail on Steroids template -Email marketing series you can clone
  12. How to tie this all together
  13. -How to build a continual lead system for your business

You’ll also get:

  • Regular hacks, ideas, improvements to your website marketing
  • Continual improvement of the course
  • Better than money back guarantee – keep the scripts and templates, no questions asked

What you’ll learn in Complete guide to increasing sales for web developers

  • Generate continual sales for their business
  • Send short emails that easily get responses
  • Send out proposals on freelancer sites that smash the competition
  • send the most impactful letter a prospect will receive this YEAR
  • Use my own scripts and templates to generate sales

Requirements for Complete guide to increasing sales for web developers

No prior knowledge needed

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