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Full membership site with an integrated forum. Membership management software using WordPress and plugins.

Create a Membership Site with Wishlist Member & WordPress Description

Wishlist Member is a WordPress plugin that makes it easy for you to create a fully functioning membership site. A membership site is one that allows your visitors to subscribe (for free or a paid subscription) to access your content.

Membership sites offer you a great way to make an online income. Either charge a one-off payment for access to your content, or charge a recurring monthly or annual fee. The choice is yours. Add in a forum and you have a community of people, all interested in your content.

If you would like to create a membership site, then this course will show you how. I’ve been using Wishlist Member since 2011, and in this course, I’ll use all of that experience to teach you how to use this plugin to setup a membership site.

In the course I’ll plan out a demonstration membership site, and then you get to watch over-my-shoulder as I build the membership site from scratch.

In this course you will learn:

  • What membership sites are, and why they are a good way to make an income online.
  • How to plan out your membership site.
  • How to install and configure Wishlist Member.
  • How to create content and then protect it so that only those members who should have access, actually do. You will learn a few different ways to protect your content.
  • How to show a teasers to non-members to encourage them to subscribe.
  • How to use shortcodes to personalize your member content.
  • How to use Mergecodes for additional control over content protection.
  • How to create multiple levels within your membership site, so you can effectively run multiple courses from a single Wishlist installation.
  • Customizing the experience for multiple membership levels, so each member feels special.
  • How to setup drip-fed (sequential) content so that you control how quickly members get access to various content.
  • How to integrate Paypal and/or Clickbank to take payments from your members.
  • How to integrate a forum into your member area using a free WordPress plugin. A forum can help you build a community on your site. When people feel like part of a community, they are more likely to stick around.

Course Requirements

  1. A basic understanding of WordPress (how to create posts and pages).
  2. Wishlist Member plugin.

What you’ll learn in Create a Membership Site with Wishlist Member & WordPress

  • Create a Membership site using Wishlist Member and WordPress
  • Understand why membership sites can be such a good way to build an online income.
  • Create content for the membership site, and protect it so only those people that are paying for it can see it.
  • Add teasers for non-members to encourage subscriptions.
  • Use Merge codes as an optional way of protecting content.
  • Use shortcodes to add personal details to the site content.
  • Create sequential content, so that you can drip feed the content to members over a series of weeks or months.
  • Integrate Paypal and Clickbank into Wishlist Member so that you can collect subscription payments.

Requirements for Create a Membership Site with Wishlist Member & WordPress

This course assumes you have a very basic understanding of WordPress.

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