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The comprehensive practical guide to Deno for web developers. Learn the core and build real world app.

Deno For Web Developers Description

*** This course has been 100% re-recorded in April 2021 ***

Use Deno v1.8.0

This course will guild you on how to use Deno in modern web development. We are going to learn Deno’s basics and then use the knowledge to build a real-world application.

# The contents covered in this course are:

  • What is Deno?

  • Command Line Interface

  • Deno APIs / Web APIs / Standard Library

  • Read File / Write File

  • Modules And Dependencies Management

  • HTTP Server

  • Request / Response / Routing

  • Using Oak Framework

  • Error Handling

  • Authentication / Authorization / Reset Password

  • JWTs Refresh Token / Access Token

  • Working with Database (PostgreSQL)

  • Sending Email Using SendGrid

  • Validating Request Body

  • File Upload to Cloudinary

  • Pagination

  • Add to Cart

  • Payment System with Stripe

  • Admin Area

# What are we going to build?

  • A full-fledged REST APIs for An eCommerce Application


*** The below contents are now legacy ***

This course will guild you on how to use/integrate modern and well-established technologies such as Deno.js, GraphQL, NextJS, and PostgreSQL to build a professional, real-world full-stack application.

# What are we going to build?

  • A full-stack JWT authentication system

# What topics this course will cover?

  • Create a web server with Deno.js and Oak framework

  • Create GraphQL server with Oak GraphQL library

  • Setup PostgreSQL database and connect to the server

  • Write GraphQL API (schema, queries, mutations)

  • How to use Oak middleware function

  • How to manipulate Oak Context and use it to pass data between middleware

  • How to use Cookies

  • How to create, send, and validate JWT token

  • Perform PostgreSQL Create, Read, Update, Delete (CRUD) operations

  • How to send email in Deno.js

  • How to connect NextJS application with Deno web server using Apollo Client (v3)

  • Fetch data from GraphQL API with Apollo Client Hooks (useQuery, useMutation)

  • How to write Apollo Hooks as custom hook function

  • How to fetch data from GraphQL API on server-side in NextJS

  • Manage state with React Context API

  • How to protect route on client-side in NextJS

  • How to protect route on server-side in NextJS

What you’ll learn in Deno For Web Developers

  • Build real-world REST APIs using Oak framework
  • Integrate Stripe for payment system
  • Store images on Cloudinary
  • Pagination
  • Send email using SendGrid
  • Deno APIs (Deno Global + Web APIs + Standard Library)
  • Build admin area for products / orders / users management
  • Read File / Write File
  • Manage modules and dependencies in Deno
  • Build basic REST APIs without framework
  • Learn how to handle error in Oak server
  • Lean to integrate PostgreSQL in Deno
  • Integrate JWTs (access token / refresh token) for Authentication / Authorization

Requirements for Deno For Web Developers

A computer: macOS, Windows, or Linux

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