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Learn to make operating system and os development in Simple and Comprehensive manner

Develop your OWN Operating System from SCRATCH Description

With this course you are going to Develop you own Custom Operating System with SUSE and learn few fundamental concepts related to working and development of an OS (Operating System). There are different ways for developing an Operating System

  • Linux From Scratch (LFS) using Linux kernel

  • Unix based

  • SUSE studio express

  • other methods

In this course you will be learning about creating a custom Operating System with SUSE studio express. With this method you are not expected to do any sort of complex coding, although if you want to do so, you can develop an utility and add with this newly created OS image. SUSE is a popular Linux distribution, and you can add a lot of native functionalities of SUSE with ease.

In the first section, you will learn the fundamentals of an Operating System learning a few basic concepts, then you will learn the types and components of an OS, followed by steps to create one. You will be learning how to use Linux Kernel, add some utilities and applications, with configurations, and finally deploy and test it. We would also create an user and set permission. We would generate OS image (.iso) file at the end.

You can use this generated OS image to install on various kinds of computation devices.

What you’ll learn in Develop your OWN Operating System from SCRATCH

  • On completion of this course you could easily create your own Custom Operating System.
  • You would be able to implement Pre-installed Applications and Repositories.
  • You would get a better understanding about how an Operating System works, and got implemented.
  • You would learn various kinds of Kernel, and Other Components of OS.
  • Learn various Classifications and Application ares for OS.

Requirements for Develop your OWN Operating System from SCRATCH

Grasp over fundamentals of Operating System and related terms like kernel, process, system call could be useful. But NOT mandatory at all!

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