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Fundamental SVG training without CSS and Javascript

Fundamental SVG for Beginners Description

In this course, you will learn how to write SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) codes from scratch.

We have tried to provide you with better content. Content that is the product of experience and creativity and comes from the skill of working with a text editor (here VSCode).

This course has no special prerequisites.

We assume that our student has no knowledge of text editor programs and programming languages ​​such as SVG, CSS and Javascript and now wants to start learning, so an introduction to the text editor space (VSCode) is provided at the beginning of the course.

In the Shapes section, look at the lectures in order, because the tutorial for each lecture is based on the previous lecture.

This section begins with the topic of regtangle.

We have tried to explain the concepts in each part clearly and with appropriate speed so that there is no ambiguity after watching it.

We have explained each topic of the Shapes section in one lecture, except for the path topic, because due to the complexity of this topic it had to be explained in several separate lectures.

This course is able to provide you with simple yet creative patterns to practice so that you can design your desired shape.

Finally, our suggestion is to be very curious, change the exercises to your liking and experiment.

We rely on visual effects to better convey concepts, and we also use background music to make learning more enjoyable.

We hope you enjoy this course and also learn.

What you’ll learn in Fundamental SVG for Beginners

  • Creating a rectangle
  • Using rx and ry attribute in it
  • Introducing a good extension to change numberic values
  • Creating a line
  • Stroke attribute and other related attributes
  • Benefits of using the ‘Alt’ key in the text editor
  • Creating a circle
  • Using RGB color
  • Creating an ellipse
  • Creating a polyline
  • Using <g> tag
  • Difference between polyline and polygon
  • Using stroke-linejoin
  • Creating a path
  • Writing a text

Requirements for Fundamental SVG for Beginners

Having a Computer

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