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Get the Web Developer Job you Always Wanted! Learn the Secrets & Tech to Succeed – Includes free Portfolio and Resume!

Get A Web Developer Job – The Tips, Tricks & Tech Revealed Description

Want To Start Your New Career As A Web Developer But Lacking Confidence? Applied For Jobs But Never Heard Anything Back? Got an Interview and Don’t Know How to Approach It? Want to Learn to Code But Don’t Know Where to Start?

This is the course for you!!!


  • A stunning portfolio students can edit and call their own! No coding experience necessary to get a beautiful website.

  • A designed coding style resume.

  • Access to an Open Source project on GitHub that everyone can be involved with! Build your resume up with awesome experience.

  • Over a hundred real interview questions collected from all of the interviews I have had!

  • A selection of real world code tests to download and complete in your own time. Practice the sort of questions and projects you are likely to be asked!

In this course, you are going to learn every tip and trick that you need to land yourself a web developer job. We are going to cover:

  • Version Control – What is it? How should we use it? Learn how to use Git/GitHub (Get access to an open source project that you can put on your resume!)

  • Portfolios – How to make them the best we can (Included is a free stunning mobile responsive template you can edit and call your own)

  • The Tech Employers Want – Learn about the tech that companies want you to be able to use and learn what you should be focusing on learning – SASS, BEM and Bootstrap.

  • Resumes – How to really make them stand out! (Included is an awesome designed resume template you can make your own)

  • Networking – Learn how to network effectively. We talk about building a brand, and get you set up on the industries favourite LinkedIn and Instagram. Learn how to start creating a personal brand and get a shout out on completion of our Instagram assignment!

  • Interviews – Find out how to succeed at interviews and about the dreaded Coding Test. Practice makes perfect, and included is a extensive list of real interview questions which is CONSTANTLY being updated! Tackle two real life examples of a code test!!


My name is James Bedford, I am a 27 year old Web Developer. I started working as a freelance web designer 13 years ago, and at the age of 14 I sold my first website. It has been a long running love of mine, and something that I have always done. Currently I run my own consultancy company and do contract work as well as advise individual companies on how to improve their online presence.

I am passionate about getting people into code and teaching them the most effective ways of learning and succeeding at programming. This comes from my days in education and studying Computer Science: I had trouble throughout my studies, and found much better success working off my own back rather than the content being taught in lessons. I find actually building items over and over and over to be more beneficial to me and this is what I want to share with everyone. 

I am firmly of the belief that programming is only as hard as you make it. You just need to figure out how best to learn it.

This is why I have put together a course to talk about the things that aren’t often taught in the coding world – the soft skills necessary to get yourself into a new career. I run through right from the start, where you should learn and what you should learn, right up to applying for jobs and getting your first freelance contracts!

Students will get some excellent resources, as well as knowledge from several experienced developers and career people. As well as this, students will get continued support on their learning, and if you ever need to know anything or require help then please feel free to get in touch.



What you’ll learn in Get A Web Developer Job – The Tips, Tricks & Tech Revealed

  • Students will know how to build a strong personal portfolio.
  • Students will know how to write a killer resume.
  • Participants will understand how to network and approach recruiters.
  • Students will understand how to use Github & Github desktop to effectively show off their projects.
  • Students will have a portfolio they can work upon and send to potential employers.

Requirements for Get A Web Developer Job – The Tips, Tricks & Tech Revealed

A basic understanding of HTML/CSS is good, but not necessary.

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