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Learn Git & GitHub and master working with commits, branches, the stash, cherry picking, rebasing, pull requests & more!

Git & GitHub – The Practical Guide Description

What you’ll learn in Git & GitHub – The Practical Guide

  • Learn all you need to work with Git, including all about repositories, commits, branches & more
  • Understand how Git works behind the scenes and understand local & remote as well as local-tracking & remote-tracking branches
  • Dive into advanced Git features like merging, rebasing, the stash and learn how to manage merge conflicts
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    Bring Git’s power to the cloud with GitHub
  • Learn how to collaborate in projects via Git & GitHub in teams & organizations
  • Learn how to contribute to open-source projects via forks & pull requests
  • Efficiently manage projects with Git & GitHub
  • Requirements for Git & GitHub – The Practical Guide

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