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Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Real Trading Exchange Portal, Binary Option, Stock Trading sites ( Full source codes included )

How to make your own Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Trading Exchange Description

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Real Trading Exchange Portal is a fully responsive completed trading exchange website with real time buy-sell trading their coins/currency in this exchange site, but not limited to templates.

Considering the growing interest of public towards the crypto currencies and their rising popularity, this has got all the chances to become a successful internet enterprise for cryptocurrency real time buy-sell trading exchange.

Cryptocurrencies are gaining more and more popularity nowadays and every day people show a lot of interest to this subject. That is why, it is important to have a real time buy-sell trading exchange website that will allow your customers to buy and sell their cryptocurrencies real time in this exchange site. 

It can also be used for binary option and stock trading websites. 

– Home
– Trading hall menu
– Initial coin offering ( ICO )
– Crowdfunding subscription center
– User center 
– Help center and guides
– Latest news and official announcement
– Market center
– Download center
– Risk warning
– Market dynamic and trend
– USD / virtual digital cryptocurrency coins
– My account details 
– User account registration and personal information verification
– Login password, transaction password
– Online and offline customer support
– Contact details and working days & hours
– Currency available balance and freeze balance
– Deposit transaction history and financial log
– Cumulative turnover , professional safety and security notice
– Brand awareness promotion and affiliate links
– Invite friends and rewards system
– System message
– Virtual currency wallet download and its official website
– Browser download
– Online application for new virtual cryptocurrency to be listed on website for digital developer
– Buy / sell real time
– Virtual currency trading buy-sell exchange (example: YBB/CNY, BTC/CNY, DOGE/CNY, etc) (*Currency coins add and change by your own)
– Virtual currency time-line trend
– Buy order, sell order
– Latest buy-sell transaction for overall market transactions and my transaction
– Charged transaction fee for buy-sell trading
– Easy to customize and edit the website with no limitation
– Clean & simple design
– Fully responsive layout
– Well documented
– Front end friendly user experience
– Back end admin login and website customization
– Completed real time exchange website portal

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