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Explanation of HTML and HTML 5 from the very beginning

HTML and HTML5 For Beginners 2016 Description

In this tutorial we’re going to learn from scratch many different areas of HTML and HTML 5.

The very first topic we’re going to learn is what is HTML.

We will then get down and will create our first HTML page.


We will also cover all the different attributes and elements associated with HTML and we will touch CSS and JavaScript quickly to get a basic idea about these languages. 

We will cover the HTML5 and we will teach you all of the new features of HTML5 related to input forms, geolocation, web sockets, and many other items related to HTML 5 so that you can advance your skills when you create modern webpages and web applications. 

The very nice thing about the HTML, it opens up the field for many different programming languages

This will improve your skills for everything that you’ve learned in all of the video lecture series, so it’s important to follow these to enhance your HTML skills.

What you’ll learn in HTML and HTML5 For Beginners 2016

Implement HTML and HTML 5 websites

Requirements for HTML and HTML5 For Beginners 2016

Visual Studio Code (we’ll install it together in the lectures) or any other IDE

Number of students:

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