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Learn how to create real websites from scratch. Technologies for that are HTML5 and CSS3, BONUS – Flexbox and CSS Grid.

HTML5 and CSS3 for Beginners with Flexbox and CSS Grid Description

This Course is for all students that wishes to know how to build real life websites. Course will fully guide you from Basics of HTML5 and CSS3 to an Expert level of those. Course also includes Flexbox and CSS Grid Basics and real life examples with those. Which are all technologies that are required to make a Real Website.

Today’s industry moved a lot and coding is not the same as before. Today, people like to see their website’s looking goon on a small screen devices like Phones and Tablets but in same time to look good on Desktop or Laptop devices. That is why trough this course, we will use something called Responsive Look, or Responsive Way of Coding so our websites, could look good, no matter on which device we open it.

Course is also taking care of best practices, so we will use latest updates that came with HTML5 and CSS3 and with that, we will use Semantic Tags, Keyframes and Transforms for our Animations, but most importantly you will be able to learn latest update for CSS3 and that is called CSS Grid.

Fow Who this Course Is?

The setup of this course is made this way so even students that don’t have any experience in coding will go along with it. Whole course is Step-by-Step guide on all features that this technologies have to offer and as we will go by baby steps, even Beginner Student won’t have problems following this course.

Can Advanced Student Take this Course?

Absolutely! Next to Step-by-Step guide on all features, course is offering also real life projects and example. Next to those, there are Flexbox and CSS Grid which could be confusing for some of developers, but as we will combine those with real projects, you won’t have problem following those.

What Will You Learn?

  • What is Web Development

  • Basics of HTML and CSS

  • HTML Typography and Media

  • CSS Stylings

  • Sections and Semantic Tags for Sections

  • CSS Animations

  • Lists, Tables Forms

  • CSS Responsive with Media Query

  • Flexbox

  • CSS Grid

  • Building Form

  • Building Real Life Landing Page Website

  • Building Photo Gallery

  • Building Layout for an App

Is There Any Reason Why You Should Take This Course?

Yes, there are many of those. The way how course is made, it will be easy for a newcomer or even an expert person to follow. Every coding lecture comes with Resources for that Lecture, so that means that you will get my code attached to every lecture, so you can compare it and remember it better. Course is offering two technologies that are rare to find still, there are not many courses that offers Flexbox and CSS Grid in one course. There are also PDF Files for HTML Tags and CSS properties that we will take a look and even for those that we didn’t. Don’t worry, all of that data will have separate explanation for itself, so it won’t be hard for you to learn it.

How To Recap Knowledge That You Learn from This Course?

At the end of almost every section, there will be quick Quiz with few questions based on content that you learned trough that section. As you will get Resources and PDF files, you can always read trough those, but also you will have full lifetime access to this course, so you can always comeback and remind yourself about some feature.

What you’ll learn in HTML5 and CSS3 for Beginners with Flexbox and CSS Grid

  • Build real world websites that are professional and looking good on all screen sizes ( Smart Phones, Tablets, iPads, Laptops, Desktops ).
  • Will learn everything regarding HTML and CSS, from beginner level, to an expert level, all including Flexbox and CSS Grid, latest technologies of CSS3.
  • Course is coming with real life examples, full responsive examples, animations, best practices and much much more.
  • Multiple projects that will teach you everything that you need to know to start building your own websites.
  • Full basics and real life examples of technologies like Flexbox and CSS Grid.
  • Downloadable lectures, resources, code for every lecture and project.
  • Two PDF files for HTML5 tags and CSS3 properties.

Requirements for HTML5 and CSS3 for Beginners with Flexbox and CSS Grid

No coding experience or requirements needed.

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