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JavaScript Beginners Guide [2022] Description

JavaScript is taking over the programming world.

Started 25 years ago as a native browser language, where you could have the functionality to your website, to a full environmental language that can be used to build backend, web applications, mobile applications, and even desktop applications with its frameworks.

Studies say that currently exist more than 1.400 million libraries built with JavaScript and each day more libraries and frameworks appear using JavaScript.

JavaScript is known for being easy to learn and by being the entry point to the software world for many new developers.

Most of the most famous libraries and frameworks are built with JavaScript like React, Angular, Vue, JQuery, and much more.

Most of the job openings nowadays require using javascript or any of those frameworks and libraries, so it’s a good start to change your life!

In this course, you will learn JavaScript fundamentals to advanced materials giving you a starting point to change or improve your career.

After this course, you will be able to understand and develop with JavaScript entering a bigger world power by this language.

In this course you will learn:

– Programming Flow

– Variables, Declarations, and Assignment

– Types

– Javascript Operators

– JavaScript Flow

– Functions In-Depth

– Objects In-Depth

– Arrays In-Depth

– Understand JavaScript

– JavaScript functionality

– Create and use cases

See you all there!

What you’ll learn in JavaScript Beginners Guide [2022]

Requirements for JavaScript Beginners Guide [2022]

Computer and access to internet

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