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Laravel Database Queries – From Beginner to Super Advanced Description

Still not comfortable with Laravel PHP Framework?

Design and query database is probably the most difficult part of building database driven web applications. There are a lot of Laravel courses out there, but many students still feel like they are not good Laravel developers after completing this courses. One of the answer is, that courses do not teach database part enough. This brand new course fills this gap. This course has more than 100 lectures and all of them are only about creating and querying databases in Laravel framework.

Welcome to the very comprehensive Laravel Databases course. This course will teach you all you need to know to become a master at querying relational databases using Laravel framework. This course is the excellent training and is a must Laravel resource with lots of practical exercises about Laravel Query Builder and Eloquent ORM. After completing this course, you will be able to design robust Laravel database applications and query its databases.

This course consists of three main parts divided into 10 sections:

1. Theory with lots of practical and understandable examples about Laravel Query Builder and Eloquent ORM

2. Design and query blog database schema

3. Design and query hotel booking system database schema

(see curriculum for more details)

During the course, you will also learn about creating APIs and query its databases. You will learn a lot of very useful techniques to query databases very easily, including searching (also full text searching), sorting, filtering and pagination of database results. Also about creating indexes to boost performance of select queries, about creating custom models for pivot tables, query events, database table relationships and many other things (see curriculum).

The most interesting part of this course is to design and query database for hotel booking system (all tables optimized to third normal form – 3NF).

To better consolidate the acquired knowledge the course includes, in addition to lectures – quizzes, assignments and other practical activities.

***For each lecture that requires coding, there are files resources that you can download and copy & paste, but I encourage you to write code from the screen.***

I promise that you’ll be a better Laravel developer after completing this course. And even if for some reason you will not like this course, Udemy always offers you a 30-day money back guarantee. But I doubt that you will not like it. I am 100% sure that you will be happy after completing this Laravel course!

What you’ll learn in Laravel Database Queries – From Beginner to Super Advanced

Requirements for Laravel Database Queries – From Beginner to Super Advanced

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