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Learn by creating 10 real world WebVR applications with three.js which is used in Aframe and ReactVR

Learn to Build WebVR applications by doing real projects Description

Let’s face it, developing for VR is hard, especially WebVR. There are so many paths that you can take, each with it’s own set of tools.

On top of all this, web is evolving. It is no different with WebVR.

It can be overwhelming. Where do I start? What should I learn first. And because of the current state of VR, WebVR is being updated and support on browsers are being added.

Learn the right thing. That is the difference between creating your application and wasting a lot of time. You can spend a lot of time reading and playing with tools and yet complete nothing.

This is why you need some structure for learning. There are many things to learn when it comes to WebVR. You’ll need to know about WebGL, Three.js, 3D models, shaders, projections and so on.

Even if you want to develop with a framework like Aframe or ReactVR, you need to learn three.js to create custom components and use it to it’s full potential.

That is why this course is designed around three.js. Three.js is a library which helps to interact with WebGL, which is the cornerstone of WebVR.

And unlike courses where you learn a lot of theory and do no projects, we’ll learn to create by doing 10 real world projects. And as a bonus, you can download all the source code and use it in your personal and commercial applications.

I’ve spend over 300 hours ($30,000) worth of consulting time in to making these course for you. I did it because I want each and every one of you to make full use of WebVR. Virtual reality is an emerging platform and it is here to stay. 

Those who get into WebVR now will have an unfair advantage in the future.

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No prior WebVR knowledge necessary to start.

There is no fluff in the videos, only pure value and straight to the point. So you can get to building WebVR applications as quickly as possible.

And you’ll be able to download the source code for all projects and use it for personal and commercial projects!


“Rison is a true frontiersman in the area of WebVR, I recommend anyone interested in learning this important new tech to follow his work.”

 Ben Erwin, Entrepreneur and Web Developer

“Rison has done an amazing job building my website utilizing VR functionality. He is very responsive and has gone above and beyond to understand my objectives and execute a design and interface that is both unique and cutting edge. He has worked with me on my timeline and is very reasonably priced.

I would definitely work with Rison again and highly recommend him to anyone looking to learn new skills in VR, build a website or VR applications!”

Cliff Gladstone, CEO of 360 Entertainment

What you’ll learn in Learn to Build WebVR applications by doing real projects

  • Learn to use Threejs for VR (which is also used in Aframe & ReactVR)
  • Understand basics of VR
  • Build 360 media players
  • Load and play positional audio
  • Load and view 3D models
  • Create simple VR games
  • Learn to build effects in VR
  • Build a movie theatre in VR
  • Create lighting effects with threejs
  • Add text interfaces in VR

Requirements for Learn to Build WebVR applications by doing real projects

Interest in Virtual Reality

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