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A whole course teaching HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, WordPress, Canva, Python and Weebly from scratch

Learn to Create Professional Websites from a Kid Description

I have completed the following sections:

  • HTML (1 lecture left)

  • CSS (incomplete)

  • Bootstrap (not started)

  • WordPress (not started)

  • Canva (not started)

  • Python (not started)

  • Weebly (all lectures complete)

Want to code like a pro? But you don’t know what course is best for you, well why don’t take a look at this course, where you can Learn to Build Professional Websites with a Kid and much more.

I will also provide bonus information with my highly rated keynote presentations teaching you how to earn money with all of your knowledge, and if you write a review i will send you a promotion code along with some extra material for you to excel in programming.

Each of these sections will be taken by a step-by-step approach, and will allow you to learn by doing, and not just by watching, therefore maximising your learning, so you can code like a pro.

My aim is to teach you:

  • HTML (Web Development)

  • CSS (Web Development)

  • Bootstrap (Web Development)

  • WordPress (Web Development)

  • Canva (Free Graphic Design Software)

  • Python (Complex Programming, but I will make it simpler for you)

  • Weebly (Simple yet professional web development software)

What will you gain from this course?

By the end of this course you will learn how to code amazing websites with HTML, CSS and Bootstrap you will also learn how to build amazing websites with WordPress. I will also show you how to get web hosting and purchase a .com domain. You will also be taught some complex code in Python which will set a beautiful platform allowing you to learn some harder things for you to be able to build professional websites and understand programming more. There is also a section, which will teach you Canva (free graphic design software), this will allow you to build amazing high resolution images for your websites in a professional, easy and free way. Lastly I will teach you weebly, which is effectively web development made easy, however in weebly there is a section where you can edit the code using HTML and CSS, and this will allow you to change things around a lot, and mix things up to make it look amazing. But if you don’t really want to code you can still use weebly, just by using the simpler tools which I will show you in the course. But the best thing about this course, is that it is continuously being updated, and my aim is to teach you how to code like a pro!

What do you need?

  • Access to the internet

  • No coding knowledge

  • A computer / laptop / desktop

  • Enough storage to download software on the internet

Who is this for?

  • Beginner to Professional

  • Web Developers

  • Web Designers

  • Web Students

  • No coding knowledge required

This course is for anyone aged 13 and above. And is for everyone, no matter what skill level you are, this is a very simple course but the outcome is something of a professional standard. This course does not require any coding knowledge.

How long will this course take?

This course is currently over 2 hours long and consist of 26 lectures. Each lecture is explained in good detail so you will be able to make sense of everything.

What you’ll learn in Learn to Create Professional Websites from a Kid

Requirements for Learn to Create Professional Websites from a Kid

Access to the internet

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