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An unique course which covers the ten most popular PHP frameworks and help you learn them by building projects

Learn Top Ten PHP FrameWorks By Building Projects Description

ONE COURSE TO RULE THEM ALL- Eduonix brings you an unique and innovative course which will help you learn the top ten popular PHP frameworks. It will help you learn why a particular framework is suited for a project. It will provide you the complete perspective across all of them and will help you choose the best framework for your project.

Each framework comes with its own set of benefits and features. If you are new to coding and haven’t yet determined which framework fits your developing style, then this course is perfect for you.

Our PHP framework tutorial covers 10 of the most popular frameworks that are available. These frameworks come with different features that make it stand out amongst the other frameworks. Not only will we go over each framework and its features, but we will also use the framework to create an application for some hands-on experience.

In this course, we will cover the following frameworks:

  • Learn how to create a Patient Manager using the CakePHP framework
  • Design a Job Board using the Yii2 framework
  • Create an Event Calendar with the Symfony framework
  • Build a Sparkup CMS using the Codeigniter framework
  • Learn how to design a Photo Gallery with the Laravel framework
  • Create a Knowledgebase using Zend framework
  • Create a RESTful API using Slim framework
  • Make a FreshIdeas Idea Diary using the Nette framework
  • Design a Weblink Manager with the PHPixie framework
  • Create an Albumshelf with the FuelPHP framework

We have managed to pack lot of good stuff and cool development techniques in one complete course. With so much knowledge and information in one course, what are you waiting for? Enroll now and find out which framework will help you create the next big project..

What you’ll learn in Learn Top Ten PHP FrameWorks By Building Projects

  • Understand uniqueness and similarity among the ten frameworks
  • Be a complete PHP web developer
  • Learn all frameworks in one single course
  • Learn to create applications using the most popular php frameworks

Requirements for Learn Top Ten PHP FrameWorks By Building Projects

Basic Knowledge of PHP, MySQL and HTML is required for taking this course

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