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Use the Node modules Request and Cheerio to scrape data and display on a web page.

Learn Web Scraping with Node.js Description

this course you will learn how to scrape data from web pages using
the Request and Cheerio node modules.
  • We’ll
    begin with an overview of how Request works to download pages and
    pipe out data.
  • Next,
    we’ll look at the Cheerio and how we can use jQuery-like syntax to
    retrieve elements off a page.
  • Then we’ll
    take what you’ve learned to create 2 sample web apps to scrape and
    display data first to our console then to a web page.

What You Will Learn:

– How to download web pages using Request.

– How to then grab elements from the page using Cheerio

– Display the data on a web page. First, we’ll use Express and Swig to display Indeed job search data. Then we’ll use Angular to show an image and other details after a user inputs a URL.

Who This Course is For:

– Anyone with an interest in web scraping using Node. This is a beginner level course, so the only requirement is that you already have node.js installed.

What you’ll learn in Learn Web Scraping with Node.js

Requirements for Learn Web Scraping with Node.js

Basics of Node.js

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