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Enhance your PHP 7 development skills by learning advanced PHP techniques and most importantly functional programming.

Learning Path: Functional Programming for PHP 7 Developers Description

Do you wish to advance your PHP development skills? Do you want to get equipped with the tools and skills required to deliver efficient applications for your websites and enterprises?

PHP 7 offers new features and tools to write optimized code. Functional programming is one such tool. If you’re a PHP developer looking at enhancing your skills by working on over 80 real-world tasks and learning functioning programming, this Learning Path is for you.

Packt’s Video Learning Paths are a series of individual video products put together in a logical and stepwise manner such that each video builds on the skills learned in the video before it.

This Learning Path will start by demonstrating intermediate to advanced PHP techniques. You’ll learn to solve practical, real-world problems faced by PHP developers like yourself every day. You’ll learn new ways of writing PHP code made possible only in version 7. In addition, we discuss backward-compatibility breaks and give you plenty of guidance on when and where PHP 5 code needs to be changed to produce the correct results when running under PHP 7. This course also incorporates the latest PHP 7.x features.

You’ll learn PHP7’s internal closure object, enabling you to write very powerful functions. This Learning Path provides helpful techniques and insights such as lazy function evaluation and currying that facilitate composing functions together.

Finally, you’ll be skilled enough to think about coding problems in terms of the composition of pure functions.

The goal of this course to equip you to perform efficient coding in PHP 7.

This Learning Path is authored by one of the best in the fields.

Doug Bierer
Doug Bierer has been hooked on computers since his first program, written in Dartmouth BASIC on a DEC PDP-8, in 1971. In his wide-ranging career, this author has been a professional contract programmer since 1978, having written applications in BASIC, PL/I, assembler, FORTH, C, C++, dBase/FoxBase/Clipper, Pascal, Perl, Java, and PHP.
He deployed his first website in 1993 while living in San Francisco. He speaks four languages, has traveled extensively, and has lived in the USA, France, the Netherlands, England, Sweden, Scotland, and Thailand. He also spent some years doing Linux system administration and TCP/IP networking. He is also an accomplished musician (he has written over 60 songs) as well as a writer, under the pen name of Douglas Alan.
Doug’s own company is, which specializes in consulting, PHP programming, website development, and training (primarily for Zend Technologies Ltd and Rogue Wave Software Inc. Some of his technical works for O’Reilly Media are Learning PHP and MySQL, Learning PHP Security, Learning MongoDB, and Learning Doctrine.

Luis Atencio

Luis Atencio is a Staff Software Engineer for Citrix Systems in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. He has a BSc and an MSc in Computer Science and now works full time developing and architecting web applications using PHP, JavaScript, and Java platforms. Luis is also very involved in the community and has presented on several occasions at conferences and local meet-ups.
When he is not coding, Luis writes magazine articles for PHPArch and DZone. Luis is also the author of Functional Programming in JavaScript,Manning 2016, RxJS in Action, Manning 2016, and Functional PHP.

What you’ll learn in Learning Path: Functional Programming for PHP 7 Developers

Requirements for Learning Path: Functional Programming for PHP 7 Developers

A core understanding of PHP 7

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