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Learn many advanced features in Angular 2+ by building 7 applications. Includes CRUD, Node.js, Routing and much more!

Master Angular 4 by Example – Build 7 Awesome Apps! Description

Learn Angular 4 by building 7 interesting applications

In this course we cover many important and advanced Angular features that you can use right away in your own applications.

For each example app, we will download a simple boilerplate and then jump right in and start coding our apps. This course is suitable for anyone who already understands the basics of putting together Angular 2+ applications.

About the Apps:

1. Simple CRUD

– You will learn:

  • To use our Boilerplate code
  • How to perform CRUD operations on a list of products
  • Basic Angular concepts such as ngFor and ngIf
  • How to build components, services and modules

2. Pokedek

– You will learn

  • CRUD using the in-memory-API
  • How to use Observables
  • Working with Template driven forms
  • Add a Modal and Tooltips

3. TV Watcher

– You will learn:

  • How to separate your code by feature into their own Modules
  • Routing to muliple parameters
  • How to pass data to unrelated components
  • How to send multiple HTTP requests using forkJoin 
  • Handle errors and display loaders
  • Use the TVMaze API to search and display shows

4. Weather App

– You will learn about:

  • Observables including advanced concepts like debounceTime and switchMap
  • How to perform CRUD operations to add and remove new Weather items
  • Using Reactive forms
  • Input and Output
  • Communicating with the OpenWeather API

5. Socket Chat

– You will learn:

  • How to connect Angular to a Node.js backend
  • Use Socket-IO to connect client with server
  • Send messages in real-time across unlimited connected clients

6. Twitter Streaming

– You will learn:

  • How to connect Angular to Node.js
  • How to use the Twit npm module to connect to the Twitter API
  • To search tweets by keyword 
  • To display tweets in real-time using Socket-IO. 
  • Create pagination using ng2-bootstrap

7. Geonames App

– You will learn:

  • How to sort and filter data 
  • How to route to an inner page
  • Use the Geonames API

More to come!  You can expect at least 1 more app to be added to this course.  

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What you’ll learn in Master Angular 4 by Example – Build 7 Awesome Apps!

  • Develop Applications using Angular
  • Build Apps with Angular and Node.js
  • Implement CRUD in Angular
  • Use Advanced Routing
  • Go Real-Time with SocketIO
  • Work with Template-driven and Reactive Forms
  • Add Modal, Tooltips and Pagination
  • Understand how to use Observables
  • Display Loading and Error Messages
  • Work with Many Different API’s

Requirements for Master Angular 4 by Example – Build 7 Awesome Apps!

Angular 2 Basics

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