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Learn to demystify the EmberJS JavaScript framework by learning all the core concepts of it and building a real web app

Master EmberJS : Learn Ember JS From Scratch Description

The course now covers Ember 2.0 and Ember CLI

This course is all about exploring Ember js in a way which will put you at ease to work with any version of it.

The course covers all the topics from basic to advance and provides you a custom approach of creating web applications using Ember js framework.

Using this approach you will be able to learn all the nuances of this framework and understand how exactly each component is tied together.

We will be developing a real-world course based website which will allow users to browse and see details of each course that is in our inventory, using this project we will be exploring all the concepts of Ember js and we will see its practical use

We will also be covering precompiling our templates using Grunt which will help in deploying our Ember js application with lesser files

Here’s what we will be covering in this course

1. Introduction to Ember js

2. Templates in Ember js

3. Routing

4. Models


6. Routers,Controllers & Route

7. Models & Adapters

8. Working with ArrayControllers & Property Binding

9. Ember Components

10. Controller Action,Custom Views and Events

11. Externalizing Templates

12. Precompiling Templates using Grunt

13. Enumerables

14. The Object Model

By the end of this course you will be comfortable enough to develop your own Ember js application.

So let’s get started

What you’ll learn in Master EmberJS : Learn Ember JS From Scratch

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