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Master Mysql, Javascript and Laravel 5.8 with building an advanced ecommerce web application

Master Mysql, Javascript, Laravel 5.8 and e-commerce project Description

These are two courses in one. In First course – Mysql for beginners – You will learn Mysql from scratch and learn how to create and execute 16 advanced queries. In second course – Laravel & Javascript – You will learn how to create an advanced e-commerce web application with Javascript and Laravel 5.8. You will deal a lot with Javascript in this course. Get resources in latest lecture of each course.

In Mysql for beginners:

You will learn Mysql fundamentals

You will create a medium sized e-commerce database and it’s tables and you will learn relationships

You will prepare database with massive data and execute 16 advanced queries.

For Laravel & Javascript course:

The database for this course will be much more advanced in data and structure and we will entirely re-create it.

The most important features include:

Content management capabilities

Promotion and discount code tools

An easy to use checkout search engine optimized code and layout

Reporting tools.

Other features include:

Catalog management

Products management

Categories management

Discount and promotions management

Brands management

Content management

Orders management

Setting and reviews management

We will have following pages in our web application:

Home page

Category page

Products search page

Shopping cart page

Wish list page

Product details page

Product reviews page.

You will also learn how to implement a rating based item to item collaborative filtering recommendation system for both general and personalized recommendations. The course targets intermidiate to advanced developers but beginner developers who have learnt Laravel basics can use it too. To get full benefits from this course, it is recommended to take a basic Laravel course to learn fundamentals before diving in this course.

What you’ll learn in Master Mysql, Javascript, Laravel 5.8 and e-commerce project

  • Design and development of an ecommerce web application from scratch
  • Developing resusable PHP and JAVASCRIPT components
  • Developing recommendation systems
  • Integrating payment system to your web application
  • Mysql from scratch
  • Mysql 16 advanced queries will be implemented on e-commerce database

Requirements for Master Mysql, Javascript, Laravel 5.8 and e-commerce project


Master Mysql, Javascript, Laravel 5.8 and e-commerce project Free Download Link: