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Realtime data processing with many practical examples

Mastering Unix : AWK Commands Description

      Pgawk is the profiling version of gawk.  It is identical in  every  way

       to  gawk,  except  that  programs run more slowly, and it automatically
       produces an execution profile in the file awkprof.out when  done.   See
       the –profile option, below.

       The  command  line  consists of options to gawk itself, the AWK program
       text (if not supplied via the -f or –file options), and values  to  be
       made available in the ARGC and ARGV pre-defined AWK variables.

       Here we are going to cover

       CSV file processing using AWK

      Data Filtering using AWK

      Data Management using AWK

      Update and Delete Data

      Monitor Data

      Select specific data

      Select data after processing

What you’ll learn in Mastering Unix : AWK Commands

  • Ready to face interviews for advance file processing
  • Ready to process complex files using these commands

Requirements for Mastering Unix : AWK Commands

You should have basic knowledge of Unix commands

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