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Build Ultimate Authentication Boilerplate Project with MERN Stack from Scratch to Digital Ocean Cloud Servers

MERN Stack Web Development with Ultimate Authentication Description

MERN Stack (MongoDB Express React Node) FullStack Project from Scratch to Live Server with production ready Authentication


Learn MERN stack web development by building production ready login register system with account activation, forgot password, reset password, login with facebook, login with google as well as ACL by implementing private and protected routes for authenticated user and users with the role of admin.

As a bonus, I have also included profile update and deployment to digital ocean cloud servers.

If you are looking to go FullStack with React Node Express and MongoDB or better known as MERN Stack then this should be your first go to  course. Because here you will learn to build an Ultimate boilerplate project which can also be used for any future MERN Stack projects you will build for yourself, for your clients or at your job.

New Lectures Added

  1. Adding a domain name

  2. Cloudflare CDN and Free SSL

  3. Force HTTP to HTTPS

  4. Redirect all www to non-www

  5. Updating Google and Facebook login redirect to production domain

  6. Redirect Digital Ocean IP to actual domain name

The key concepts covered in this course

  1. Building Ultimate MERN (Mongo Express React Node) Stack Project

  2. Building Production Ready Authentication System

  3. Building Login Register System using Email Password

  4. Implementing Social Login System with Google and Facebook

  5. ACL – Access Control

  6. MERN Stack Web Development

  7. API Development with Node Js

  8. Frontend Web Development with React

  9. Create your own base project for all your future React Node FullStack Projects

  10. Learn FullStack Deployment to Digital Ocean Cloud Servers including MongoDB Setup

  11. Account Activation before saving user to database

  12. Login with Google

  13. Login with Facebook

  14. Private Routing

  15. Admin Routing

  16. Page Layout with React

  17. Working with LocalStorage

  18. Working with Cookies

  19. Working with JWT (JSON web token)

  20. Role based redirects

  21. Profile Update

  22. Auth Middleware

  23. Admin Middleware

  24. Protecting Routes

  25. Handling JWT expiry

  26. Error handling

  27. Toast Notifications

  28. Forgot Password

  29. Reset Password

  30. Pushing projects to Github

  31. Pulling projects from Github to Digital Ocean

  32. Digital Ocean Server Configuration

  33. Deploying both backend/frontend to single Digital Ocean Droplet

  34. Committing changes after pushing project to live servers

By the end of this course, you will have your own Production Ready MERN Stack Project running live in Digital Ocean Cloud Servers.

Have a look at the promo video to get a better understanding of what this course is all about and how it can change your life for good 🙂

Web Development is not only about coding, It’s also about deploying, dealing with domains, hosting, CDN, www/non-www, http/https, redirects, SEO, pushing new features and more. Get all that knowledge plus the production ready Authentication system, admin routes, page layouts with solid project architecture. This course’s project is the beginning of something big 🙂

Let’s go Full Stack. Let’s go MERN Stack.

What you'll learn in MERN Stack Web Development with Ultimate Authentication

Requirements for MERN Stack Web Development with Ultimate Authentication

Basic understanding of React

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