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Learn HTML5 and CSS3 by going from an Absolute Beginner to Developing Mobile-First, Responsive Website Layouts!

Pure HTML & CSS From Scratch Description

In this HTML & CSS Course you’ll establish a set of website development skills to set you up for success!  Whether you’re an aspiring Website Developer, Experienced Developer, Website Designer, or HTML Email Developer, HTML and CSS skills are the starting point to a career path in Development & Design.

HTML & CSS is the foundation of all web pages and every website we browse on the internet as well as apps we use everyday!  If you’re interested in a career in development or design, HTML and CSS are the beginning of everything you need to know. From a career in Web Development, Web Design, HTML Email Development and Freelancing as a business or side-hustle, this course will give you the foundation you need with HTML & CSS.

This HTML5 & CSS3 course contains all of the key HTML elements and CSS properties you’ll need to know in order to develop and design mobile first, responsive websites. You’ll learn to use Media Queries to design websites for different mobile & tablet devices based on their widths and different breakpoints, as well as creating responsive website navigation menus.  Receive countless tips, tricks, and resources to learn as quickly as possible and add your own styling customizations to real world projects.

Sign up to the course today and start learning HTML and CSS development to get your career or freelance business in development or design started!

What you’ll learn in Pure HTML & CSS From Scratch

Requirements for Pure HTML & CSS From Scratch

Basic Computer & Internet Browsing Skills

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