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Complete beginners’ course for learning how to get your tech startup online.

Sara Learns to Code. Making an App from Scratch Description

Learn how to make your own web site, social network, or online business completely from scratch!  No prior coding experience necessary.

Together we will walk through the entire process of building a web application using the Ruby on Rails framework and writing code in the Ruby, HTML, and CSS languages.  Ruby on Rails is very beginner friendly and has been used in the development of some great tech startups such as Airbnb, Twitter, and Groupon, among many others.  We will learn how to use Github to collaborate with other developers, Heroku to deploy our projects quickly and easily, and Stripe to process credit card payments.  And we’ll be using all of these great products without having to pay any extra fees or even provide our credit card information!  

After taking this course you will be able to make software products that work great on desktop and mobile.  Most importantly, you will have the confidence and direction to continue your learning far beyond this course, and the importance of this cannot be overstated in the ever-changing world of software development. 

This class is for:

  • Beginners. No coding experience is required. This course is also great for those with some coding experience but are new to using a framework such as Ruby on Rails to build dynamic and robust applications with databases, user authentication, or native payment processor libraries.
  • Entrepreneurs. Have an idea for an app but don’t want to pay thousands for a simple demo?  Want to partner with a software dev without being completely in the dark regarding your startup’s technical toolkit?  This is the course for you. 
  • Those who do not shy away from self improvement. This course will take you from no experience to online very quickly.  However, you cannot be afraid to Google any questions you have, and definitely be sure to interact with other students or an instructor on this course’s Question board.

Reflecting on Making this Course

Making this course wasn’t easy, but with the right help I did it!  Learning the material isn’t too difficult so long as you’re not afraid to Google whatever questions or errors you have.  I’ve found that when you’re learning to code it’s great to repeat a lesson two or three times, and then you will have a good understanding of the concept and maybe you’ll just have to look up some of the syntax.  

I’m definitely not proclaiming myself as an engineer, but I did make a cool app!  The hardest part was making the Udemy videos.  I had to repeatedly redo some of my first attempts since I wanted to be clear and to the point, but I eventually got a handle of my notes and it worked out.  Thanks to Steph and everyone else for all the support, and students of this course will enjoy a continuous rollout of new lessons!


What you’ll learn in Sara Learns to Code. Making an App from Scratch

Requirements for Sara Learns to Code. Making an App from Scratch

Students will need a computer with an internet connection. This course is taught using a Mac computer, but students with a Windows PC will be able to take this course as well. Details on ideal computer environments are reviewed early in the course.

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