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Satisfying business need of Combining MVC 5 Application With AngularJS in Single Page Application.

Single Page Application of MVC 5 Using AngularJS Description

I want to teach intermediate angular JS to developers who have basic knowledge in application development and want to be able to use Angular javascript at client side effectively in business applications.

This course is having step by step code creation of Single Page Application[SPA] of Angular JS framework with ASP NET MVC 5 Business Application. Based on my Experience i learned that most of the time people get confused when they want to merge ASP Net MVC with AngularJS MVW architecture with SPA, or they do some mistakes without knowing proper way of doing this.

This course will surely solve this issue and make developers understand that how to implement this in real line of business application. In this course i am using number important features of MVC and Angular which are as follows.

  • Asp Net MVC architecture
  • Web API 2
  • AngularJS MVW Architecture
  • Dependency Injection of AngularJS
  • AngularJS Routing
  • AngulatJS Resource
  • Directives like ng-show, ng-pattern, ng-model, ng-repeat, ng-view, ng-disable, ng-click etc.
  • Services like $http, $scope, $resource, $routeProvider, $location, $error, $dirty, $invalid, etc
  • BootStrap CSS for responsive UI

The best thing of this course is we have combined multiple modules, controllers, services, factory of angularJS everything at one place in a small POC [proof of concept] kind of project so that after this developers can directly follow same for their projects. And things will be much clear when they do this with hands on step by step.

I make double sure that all the videos have proper steps and codes which should match with snippet and code source.

What you’ll learn in Single Page Application of MVC 5 Using AngularJS

Requirements for Single Page Application of MVC 5 Using AngularJS

Downlaod and install visual studio 2013 express which is free available and also make sure that SQL server Express is also installed with it.

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