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Learn how to develop Java Rest microservices implementing JPA (Java Persistence Api) and MVC Pattern with Spring MVC.

Spring Boot Microservices with JPA Description

This course is a practical course which explains how to realise a microservice infrastructure in order to realise a full-stack web application composed by a “framework-less” Single Page Application and two restful Spring Boot¬†microservices interacting with each other and with two different databases thanks to the implementation of the JPA (Java Persistence Api).¬†

You’ll have the basis to generate fastly a microservice infrastructure, to organise your application using different layers according to the “SOLID” principle and following the MVC pattern.

You will have the instrument to organise your communication protocols using simple and effective rules, to implement restful web services which communicate with Json Messages.

This is course has the same topic of the italian course Sviluppo Web a Microservizi con Java Spring Boot e Ajax” so it can easily considered as its English version. The example developed is different but with the same topics: microservices, Spring Boot, JPA and Rest calls.

What you’ll learn in Spring Boot Microservices with JPA

Requirements for Spring Boot Microservices with JPA

A few basis of Object Oriented Language in order to understand better the practical implementation of the code.

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