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Start using Quarkus: the Supersonic Subatomic Java toolkit

Starting with Quarkus Description

This course is for Java developers who want to discover Quarkus. It’s a mixture of slides and code so you can “Understand and Practice” at the same time. This way, you learn the theory, and then put it into practice by developing an application step by step.

In this course you will go through an entire development cycle. After introducing Quarkus, you will make sure your development environment is set up, and you will go from bootstrapping a Quarkus application, to running it as a Docker container. The different steps you’ll go through are:

  • Understand Quarkus,

  • Check your development environment,

  • Get your hands on Quarkus,

  • Expose a REST endpoint using JAX-RS,

  • Inject beans with CDI,

  • Test the REST endpoint with JUnit and RESTAssured,

  • Configure the application with MicroProfile Configuration

  • Configure Quarkus,

  • Add profiles to the configuration,

  • Build executable JARs

  • Build a native executable and a Linux executable with GraalVM,

  • Check the performances of a Quarkus application,

  • Containerize the application with Docker and execute it.

At the end of the course you’ll get a good understanding of Quarkus. You will be able to bootstrap, develop, package and execute a REST application, but most important, take Quarkus to your next project.

Good luck for the course, and please reach out if you need any help or if you have any request: I’m here to help!

What you’ll learn in Starting with Quarkus

  • Understand the Quarkus ecosystem, where it comes from, its performance benefits
  • Bootstrap a REST application with Quarkus
  • Test it with JUnit and RestAssured
  • Use injection with CDI
  • Configure the application and Quarkus itself
  • Use the dev/test/prod Quarkus profiles
  • Package a Quarkus application in several JAR formats
  • Generate a native binary thanks to GraalVM
  • Build and execute a Docker container out of the application

Requirements for Starting with Quarkus

A recent Windows / Mac / Linux machine

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