Free download and Learn The Essential Android O Developer Course (Java) Udemy course with Torrent and google drive download link Learn everything in detail on how to write apps in Android O using Java

The Essential Android O Developer Course (Java) Description

will learn to program mobile applications using the Java programming
language on an Android platform. This will include covering such
topics as: the Android Life Cycle, Android Resources, User Interface
Design and Implementation, User Interface Controls such as buttons
and textfields, Database Interaction, Location Based services,
Maps, the Google Play Services APIs, Firebase,Fragments, and various other topics. This course helps students
understand the Android platform and its various Application
Programming Interfaces. By the end of this course you will be able
to write your own Android applications using all aspects of the
Android Platform and its API. You will be able to submit your apps
to the Google Play Store and understand how to monetize your app

If you have previously used Java on an Android
platform, I’m sure this course will deepen your understanding of it.
If you have never used it, no problem, you will see that there is a
viable alternative to the ubiquitous IOS and iPhone development.

Throughout the course, you can always contact me personally to get help when you’re stuck. I check the discussions regularly to help you at every step along the way.

Lastly, this course is constantly updated and refined based on student feedback. I really appreciate each and every of my students so I listen to your feedback and act on it.

What you’ll learn in The Essential Android O Developer Course (Java)

  • Create and Run your first mobile application
  • Write Efficient and High Quality Android applications
  • Understand how to compile and test Android Applications using Android Studio
  • Learn all aspects of Android development from beginner topics to advanced
  • Learn how to Design and Implement Graphical User Interfaces in Android
  • Learn how to integrate databases into an android application to store persistent data
  • Learn how to submit apps to the Google Play Store and generate revenue with ads and in-app purchases
  • Learn about using Fragments for dynamic User Interfaces with multiple screen sizes
  • Understand how to implement mobile apps using the Java Programming Language
  • Learn Many more Android concepts!!!

Requirements for The Essential Android O Developer Course (Java)

A computer running Microsoft Windows, Linux or the Mac operating systems

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