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What to learn to become a web developer?! Description

You’ve decided to become a web developer but don’t know where to start, what exactly to learn, in what order and what skills are necessary to find a job, a project and succeed in your new career?

If you really want to create some structure in your mind and understand some fundamental concepts than check this course.

It was created for beginners to help them understand the major concepts and to answer the most common questions that people ask when they’ve just started with web development. It’s not a tutorial, you are not going to create any projects during this course it is mainly a blog where you can find useful information, ask questions and get answers.

The most popular and interesting questions that would require a deeper understanding would receive a full explanation in new videos for this course. This is a live course, that could be with your help regularly updated. All you need to do is to ask questions, initiate discussions, be active, help others and don’t be shy to ask for help.

Become the part of the community that supports and inspires and gathers people who are full of enthusiasm to start their way to the world of coding!

I’m waiting for your questions, discussion and feedback!

Continue learning and getting new skills!

What you’ll learn in What to learn to become a web developer?!

Requirements for What to learn to become a web developer?!

enthusiasm and desire to become a web-developer

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