Free download and Learn What’s New in Bootstrap 4 Udemy course with Torrent and google drive download link
Learn what changes and new features are coming in the Bootstrap 4 responsive framework and be able to use them yourself!

What’s New in Bootstrap 4 Description

This course is designed to take you through all the biggest changes and new features coming in the Bootstrap 4 Alpha release. There are 20 lectures making up about an 40 minutes of video content that will cover each feature or change through detailed explanation of the subject matter and demoing of its implementation in code samples. The course is structure to first take you through the major changes you should be aware of, and then introduce you to the newest features being added. You should take this course if you’re interested in keeping up with the latest trends in web development, want to help test and develop one of the most popular responsive frameworks used in web design, or are just curious on what is coming down the pipe for Bootstrap.

What you’ll learn in What’s New in Bootstrap 4

Learn and understand what the changes and latest new features for the new Bootstrap 4 ALPHA release are.

Requirements for What’s New in Bootstrap 4

You should already be familiar with basic web development or the concepts behind using the Bootstrap framework.

Number of students:

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