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Zero Geek-Speak Training For The WordPress Gutenberg (Block) Editor.

WordPress Gutenberg Editor – Master The Basics & Beyond Description

WordPress is constantly evolving and most would say that means it is getting better. Clear evidence of this is that 1 out of 3 websites (roughly 30%) on the internet is a WordPress site.

So you’d think they are doing something right!

Late in 2018, this “evolution” became MAJOR! The comfortable yet sometimes glitchy Classic editor was replaced with the “New & Improved” editor titled Gutenberg.

It is now pretty much just the Block editor but Gutenberg or ‘Gute’ for short, still sounds cooler – to me anyway.

The Gutenberg editor is such a drastic change from the Classic editor that many WordPress users simply refused to even learn how to use it, especially when it was announced that the Classic Editor will continue to be supported, for a while anyway.

After using the Gutenberg Editor myself for about a year now, I’ve moved out of the “Hate Gutenberg” camp and into the “Love Gutenberg” camp. A huge time saver and so much more design options are built-in. This means you do not need a degree in coding to make this happen.

The Gutenberg Editor – Love It or Loathe It!

The fine folks that loathed the automobile when it first came out still loved the horse and buggy.

Mostly they loathed the automobile (I’m assuming this because it was a bit before my time) because they did not understand what it meant for the future of transportation.

The same holds true for those that still loathe the Gutenberg (Block) Editor – they just do not fully understand how it works or what it represents for the future of content creation.

This course is built for both the seasoned WordPress veteran that might still be in that “loathe” or heavily dislike category, & for the very new WordPress user that just wants to master the tools available within the Block aka Gutenberg Editor.

It doesn’t matter if you are ‘technically challenged’. With these step-by-step lectures, simply watch over my shoulder as I show you…

  • Two Different Methods Of Creating ‘Jump Links’ (& what the heck Jump Links are)

  • Ways To Profit From The Gutenberg Editor That No One Is Telling You About

  • How To Remove The Stress Of Converting Your Old Content Into Gute.

  • The Many Time-Saving Shortcuts

  • The Awesome Design Features You Can Create When You Combine These 2 Blocks

  • 3 Different Methods Of Using The Additional CSS Class ‘Box’ In The Block Settings Sidebar

And So Much More!

The Gutenberg Editor is the future of content management using WordPress, and that future is NOW!

This course is made up of short & to the point, actionable Lectures that contain zero geek-speak!

Since Gutenberg is constantly changing and updating, so will this course.

One of the beauties of learning with Udemy, is you gain Lifetime access to every course you purchase.

As you can see from checking out the Course Content below, these Lectures are not just a bland description of each block, these are detailed ‘How-To’ lectures so you will be up to speed on using these blocks – NOT just the definition of them.

Upon completion of this course, you’ll be comfortable using the Gutenberg (Block) Editor & wonder what all the fuss was about.

This course is a series of over-the-shoulder style screen capture videos. It is like you hired a personal trainer that is showing all the how-to’s but without the personal training cost.

What you’ll learn in WordPress Gutenberg Editor – Master The Basics & Beyond

  • Why WordPress went to the Gutenberg (Block) Editor from the Classic Editor
  • 3 Different methods of using the Additional CSS Class ‘Box’ in the Block Settings Sidebar
  • The settings & options in the editor (right) sidebar and the similarities with the previous Classic Editors right-sidebar
  • The View feature within the More Tools & Options Section
  • The Editor feature within the More Tools & Options Section
  • The Plugins feature within the More Tools & Options Section
  • The Tools feature within the More Tools & Options Section
  • The Options feature within the More Tools & Options Section
  • How to create a basic post and how to use the tools involved
  • How to create a basic page and how to use the tools involved
  • Lots of time-saving shortcuts.
  • How to create jump-links & what are jump-links
  • Some cool design tricks using combinations of different default blocks
  • Creating, using & managing Reusable Blocks and Templates. Even how to profit with them.

Requirements for WordPress Gutenberg Editor – Master The Basics & Beyond

Zero prior knowledge of the WordPress Gutenberg Editor since we cover all the details in the course

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