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WordPress Security – The Ultimate Security Guide 2020 Description

Important Announcement: I am adding brand new lectures to this course in the next couple of weeks which will make this course the truly ‘Ultimate WordPress Security‘ in 2020, my latest lecture uploaded on the 7th of February 2020.

FREE Web Hosting Account to Students – If you are serious about your WordPress Security, why not practice what I teach in a dummy hosting account, all you have to do it complete this course, add a question in the student discussion area and provide me with your course feedback.

I have started to give my students enrolled in my WordPress Security course free web hosting account in order to test what they have learnt. This is a great way to try different plugin’s and methods without having to try it on your live website. I will also show you an easy way to copy your live site into the testing environment.

WordPress ‘The Ultimate Security Guide’ is designed for any WordPress novice and professional alike. Anyone that is actively using or thinking of using WordPress as a platform in terms of a website or a blogging platform needs this course to empower them to take control over their site and hosting platform. 

The aim of this WordPress course is to take a complex and frustrating subject for most and turn it into easy and an enjoyable task. 

Securing your WordPress website is not easy and can be a very daunting experience so I am going to try and make it as easy and as simple as possible. 

So if you have a website powered by WordPress or thinking of building one any time soon, then this is a must have course for sure. 

In this course, I will go through free and paid tools to secure your WordPress website, it is you that can determine what to use based on your need, budget and required functionality. Over all, it is how much you care about your site and its success over time. 

I will demonstrate a live hacking attempts into a WordPress website to show you how easy it is to hack. 

I will also be at hand to help you in the student forum section of my course to give you a helping hand if you get stuck, as well as share resources and ideas with you and answer any question you may have. 

As we progress in the course, if you need further verification or additional video’s to cover a particular topic, just shout. This course is designed to be interactive and an evolving course. 

** No Technical Knowledge Required ** 

START this course TODAY and SECURE your sites future tomorrow

What you’ll learn in WordPress Security – The Ultimate Security Guide 2020

Requirements for WordPress Security – The Ultimate Security Guide 2020

No prior knowledge is needed

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